5 of the Best Automotive Winter Care Tips

The wintertime is full of unexpected and precarious weather. As the temperatures dwindle, there are important steps to take to keep you and your car safe. Continue reading to learn about five of the best automotive winter care tips!

Keep the Gas Tank Half Full

The easiest way to save a few dollars is to drive your car until it reaches a quarter tank of gas left. During the warmer months, this is an acceptable practice. In the winter months, it’s essential to have at least a half tank of gas.

It may seem like a hassle, but it’s an important habit to protect the car and keep yourself safe. A half-full tank of gas will allow you to keep your car running in case of an emergency when you can’t drive. It gives you time to get help and stay safe and warm inside the vehicle.

Another reason to keep the gas tank half full is an empty tank can accumulate condensation that prevents the car from starting. This can also cause dirt to build up and clog the filters, leading to additional damage to the gas tank.

Protect From Corrosion

You want to extend the life of your car’s paint job and protect its body. One of the best automotive winter care tips is to hand wash the car’s exterior regularly. You can avoid corrosion and paint damage by following this important step and avoiding car washes. Snow, ice, and ice-melting chemicals are harsh on the car’s exterior.

5 of the Best Automotive Winter Care Tips

Check the Tires’ Tread

Tire treads grip surfaces and keep your car steady as you drive along any type of road. Good tire treads are essential in unpredictable winter weather.

Check your tires to see how the treads are wearing. If the tread is gone and only a smooth surface remains, you need new tires immediately! If you notice uneven wear, consider replacing your tires or having a professional rotate the tires. A set of new tires is a hefty purchase, but it’s one of the simplest ways to ensure your car is driving safely during various winter conditions.

Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

Replace your windshield wiper blades every six months to a year. Over time, you’ll notice cracked blades, the wipers leaving streaks on the surface, and unbearable squeaking noise. To make sure your car is ready for any form of winter weather, consider replacing the windshield wiper blades so you can always see your surroundings clearly.

Keep All Fluids Full

Every car needs ample fluids to run smoothly. Always check the oil about once every two weeks, depending on how frequently you drive. Too little oil will cause immense harm to the engine.

If you want to avoid engine damage, you’ll also need antifreeze. This fluid regulates the engine’s temperature. Without it, the engine might freeze in cold weather or overheat from an engine-related complication.

Keep your windshield wiper fluid full whenever it’s raining or snowing outside. It’s the best way to clear debris from the windshield that prevents you from seeing clearly.

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