Best Methods for Improving Your Store’s Security

Any type of business is vulnerable to theft, including retail stores. Depending on where your business is, you might need to add extra security measures to keep track of employees and customers in the store. Protect your employees and customers from unlawful behaviors by learning the best methods for improving your store’s security to decrease its vulnerability.

Always Put Money into a Safe

Whether you’re closing for the evening, planning to be closed for a while, or will only be gone five minutes, storing your money in a safe when no one is around is a good idea. Keeping money in a register consistently leaves it open for anyone to come in and take it right from the cash drawer. Criminals can even break into registers that don’t require a key. Place the safe in a secure place, away from windows and open doorways.

Keep Your Back Doors Monitored 24/7

The easiest point of access to a business is the back door. Even if no one uses back entrances often, they are still unsafe and vulnerable. Potential thieves can see backdoors as easier targets than main entrances, so they will often try to gain access to buildings through these openings.

You should therefore monitor back doors around the clock with cameras to deter people from trying to unlawfully enter them. They’ll also let you see if there’s any suspicious activity around them. Another way to enhance security and prevent cars from unlawfully parking near the back doors is by using stainless steel bollards. One of the reasons businesses need stainless steel bollards is that they stop customers, employees, and others from parking in private areas.

Make Sure To Use an Access Control System

You can also ensure security improves around the store by using an access control system (ACS). This control system limits who can enter the store. You can also change its settings for certain times of the day. These control systems come in many forms, including a keypad, fingerprint scanner, and swipe card reader.

Keep Track of Shoplifting with an EAS System

Being a store owner, you have probably seen other businesses use a tall post system at the front of the store. Those tall posts are part of an EAS system. The system goes off whenever it catches an electronic tag leaving the store before purchase.

This control system effortlessly discourages shoplifting and even alerts shoppers that checked out to return to the cashier to get their electric tags removed if they forget to do so. This system is great to use if you carry high-end luxury items.

Add Plenty of Lighting in Darker Parts of the Store

Without proper lighting, it is easy for a thief to quickly nick a tag or slip something into a backpack or purse. Prevent theft in dark corners by adding plenty of light around the store. Adding bright lights around the shop discourages others from stealing, as they know you’re watching them more closely.

Business owners need to do their part to improve security in their retail space. Making these enhancements makes your store less vulnerable to thievery and a safer place to shop and work.

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