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Top Reasons Why People Keep Playing Lottery More

People play lottery games online for different reasons. However one has to be in the proper perspective when betting online to be successful. It makes a big difference.

Although there is plenty of evidence most people don’t win lotteries. However, most people continue playing. When you go to the site at Live Draw HK, there are different insights into why people keep playing the lotto game.

Unrealistic Optimistic Expectations

Many experts state that the human mind is not made to count the lottery probabilities. People tend to make wrong decisions in a hurry. It happens when you don’t manage to calculate the positive outcome.

Imagine a single paperclip sitting on the hand. It is simple to imagine. Think of five paperclips in five or ten in a number. Beyond the number, it takes work to wrap the whole head around it. What do 1000 paperclips seem like?

It is impossible to visualize how good the odds are when such a low probability exists. Most people believe in a 50/50 chance.

Availability Bias

The whole bias shapes how people perceive and how likely they will win. Winning a certain amount of cash might seem more likely if someone found out that there are a few winners. Casinos also use different tactics all the time. It is the reason why people promote big jackpot winners at all times. Nobody talks about losers, only winners. What happens if they announce the losers’ names, not the winners?

online lottery


Some people play scratched tickets and lose their bets, but to that person, it doesn’t mean they lost it. A lot of people feel that there is no interrelation between different cards.

If the whole roulette wheel creates ten spins on red, does it mean the following ten will still be red? Or will it change to black? Neither does. Every spin is different. The whole wheel has no certain probability of winning.

A Near Miss

Sometimes, others pick a 6, and the winning number is 7, so they feel it is a near miss. Some even feel it is so close that they will get to win it in the next round. It also gives the player the illusion that it will grow closer.

Studies also state that many people become more confident when they start to win the game. They get to select their numbers or let the computer generate the random numbers. If another person has a birthday of November 11th, the number that came up was 112. People might feel that 111 was a near miss.

Social Traps

A lot of people have also paid for lotto games for years. Moreover, there are a few wins but more losses. People refuse to give up because they want to recover their losses. Most of them reached a point where they refused to give up and recover from the lost time.


Now that you know why people never stop buying lotto, now is the time to test your luck today at Live Draw HK.

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