5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Carpets

Bacteria, stains, strange odors, and pet hair collectively cause hideous carpets. Try as you might, your cleaning methods never seem to work, and the carpets continue to worsen.

There are plenty of home improvement blogs out there about the right ways to clean carpets. While those are helpful, those articles may fail to tell you that some cleaning methods are doing more harm than good.

There’s a high probability that you are partaking in some of the most common cleaning mistakes that are ruining your carpets! It’s time to take care of this essential part of your home. Read below to learn more about the carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Intense Scrubbing

It doesn’t matter if a child spilled apple juice from their sippy cup or if a pet had an accident on the floor —scrubbing the stain vigorously rarely helps.

Carpets are durable and designed to endure high traffic. However, they aren’t invincible. Tough scrubbing leads to deteriorating carpet fibers. The fibers will start to separate, making the stain more likely to settle.

The better method is to blot stains with a clean white rag or a paper towel. Pick up as much liquid as possible by gently pressing on the spot. If blotting alone doesn’t resolve the problem, then you can add a mild cleaning product to the mix.

Too Many Cleaning Products at Once

Adding more cleaning products should make the stain more likely to disappear, right? Wrong!

The truth is that too many cleaning products will result in damaged carpets. The chemicals build up and leave residue behind on the fibers. The carpet will weaken, look shabby, and become more difficult to clean in the future.

Cleaning Products That Don’t Match the Carpet’s Material or Pile

There’s a special cleaning product that corresponds with every carpet material and pile. You’ll need to note the type of carpet you have to prevent damage and maximize cleaning.

Carpets range from low pile to loop pile and cotton to polyester. It’s essential to know as much as possible about the carpet you own so that you can best treat stains and keep up with regular cleanings. If you don’t have a definitive answer, a mild all-purpose carpet cleaner will suffice.

Vacuuming Infrequently

After vacuuming, you may look down and think the carpet looks incredibly clean! But some homeowners then let the carpet sit without vacuuming again for another two months.

Vacuuming is a great method for picking up loose dirt and debris resting between the carpet’s fibers. Failing to vacuum will contribute to signs of premature wearing. The carpet’s design you once loved could become permanently stained, look filthy, and experience irreversible damage.

Stick to vacuuming your carpet at least twice each week. The routine will prevent the risk of a soiled carpet.

Never Scheduling a Professional Deep Cleaning

The most important reason to deep clean carpets regularly is to extend the carpet’s lifespan. Carpeting is one of the most affordable flooring materials on the market, next to laminate and linoleum. Despite its low cost, a premature replacement isn’t favorable.

Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning once a year is crucial. The process will erase the presence of dreadful odors, stains, and bacteria.

Avoiding these carpet cleaning mistakes is sure to prevent you from ruining your carpets. With the proper products and techniques, you’ll enjoy your home’s carpets for over a decade.

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