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Surgical Tools Found in the Labor and Delivery Room

The labor and delivery room is a crucial area of any hospital, as it’s where new life comes into the world. The team of medical professionals working there have the knowledge and skills to ensure safe deliveries. But what are the tools that help them perform their job effectively? We explore the various surgical tools found in the labor and delivery room that support medical professionals in their daily demands.


Forceps are among the most commonly used surgical tools in the labor and delivery room. They’re a pair of tongs designed to assist in delivering the baby’s head during childbirth. Forceps come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the type of birth and position of the baby. Professionals will choose the most appropriate forceps for a safe delivery and inform the delivering parent of their process to ensure comfortability and consent. 

Vacuum Extractor

A vacuum extractor is another tool used for assisting vaginal delivery when there are complications during labor. It consists of a cup attached to a vacuum pump, which a medical professional will place on the baby’s head to help pull them out. These are only for specific circumstances when the professionals agree it’s the best path forward for a successful delivery.

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Episiotomy Scissors

An episiotomy is a small slit or notch made at the base of the perineum to widen the opening for childbirth. The episiotomy scissors are the instrument of choice for doctors or midwives to make this incision. The incision assists the delivering parent during delivery when the infant crowns through the birth canal, as it widens the opening and works with labor rather than against it.

Surgical Sponges

Surgical sponges play an essential role in keeping the mother and baby safe during delivery. They are sterile absorbent pads used to soak up any blood or other bodily fluids that may be present during childbirth. Soaking up these fluids can create a more sterile, safe birth environment.

Cord Clamps

After delivery, medical professionals must cut and clamp the umbilical cord to separate the baby from the placenta. Cord clamps are among the most commonly found surgical tools in the labor and delivery room because the placenta birth and separation are an essential part of all births.

Fetal Doppler

A fetal doppler is a handheld medical device that uses sonography technology to detect and monitor the baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy and childbirth. It helps medical professionals ensure that the baby is doing well. I can have many uses during pregnancy, labor, and delivery


Suturing is a common procedure used after vaginal delivery to repair any tears or incisions made during childbirth. Sutures, also known as stitches, are medical threads used by doctors or midwives to close wounds and promote healing. Often, professionals will use Carb-N-Sert needle holders to assist in suturing with precision to avoid accidents and reduce the risk of infection.

There are a range of surgical tools used to help professionals complete safe and ethical deliveries. Each one serves a particular purpose, and the professionals will always use proper medical discernment when choosing the right instruments.

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