10 Eco-Friendly Home Ideas & Techniques

If you are looking to go green in designing your home then this article is for you. With earth-friendly products becoming more and more popular, it’s time to take a look at eco-friendly home decorating ideas.

  1. Lighting Stands

These unique and unique lighting stands can be found at an affordable price. It can be placed anywhere in your home or office, especially near the window. The hanging style of the stands makes it easy to install and enables you to put up the necessary lights whenever needed.

  1. Wall-mounted Thermometer 

This eco-friendly home decor idea helps you to keep track of room and air temperatures swiftly and simply. By using this thermometer inside the wall, you will be able to monitor your indoor temperature accurately and instantly.

  1. 3. Replace your plastic shower curtain with a natural fabric one

Instead of purchasing a synthetic, moisture-resistant curtain to keep your bathroom dry, make one out of a natural fabric! You can either sew or use iron-on hem material to make your own, or you can purchase one online.

  1. Natural Wall Art

natural wall art

If you are looking for unique ways to decorate your walls, you should go for this eco-friendly home decor idea. With natural wall art, you can add beauty to your house and feel more comfortable in the house. The theme is an attractive way of expressing yourself.

  1. Light Fixtures and Switches

If you are tired of having a regular and boring light switch, then go for this idea. It will give a fresh look to your house by designing it with unique colors.

  1. Flower Pots

Use flower pots to decorate your living room, patio, or any other interior space in the house. This can be easily fitted at window sills, shelves, or garden areas.

  1. Bamboo Decorations

Bamboos can transform any dull space into a beautiful tropical paradise. This eco-friendly home decor idea includes bamboo furniture as well as accessories to create a tropical atmosphere around you, especially outside the house.

  1. Mason Jar Wall Hanging

To make your room look extra cozy and warm, hang a mason jar in the room. That way, you can decorate your home with beautiful wall art, and accessories and add some artistic touches with this Mason jar wall hanging.

  1. Plant Stands for Walls

You can also add decorative plants to your walls using this idea. Place the planter on top of a sheet of glass that is mounted on the wall to provide it light and moisture. It will look more stylish and stunning than ever.

  1. Zen Gardens

Zen garden is another eco-friendly home decor idea that will surely give a fashionable and sophisticated look to your house. It can be kept outside the house or on the inside of any room.


Eco-friendly home decorating ideas can be easily carried out by anyone if you have the right idea. With a little creativity and imagination, you will be able to create a pleasant atmosphere in your house that feels more in tune with nature.

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