5 Causes of Carpet Ripples and How to Fix Them

A large line emerges and creates a bump in the middle of your floor. Carpet ripples are inconvenient and unattractive occurrences. But how can you avoid them? Learn about the five causes of carpet ripples and how to fix them!


Moisture compromises the condition of a variety of areas of the house. For homes that have frequent complications with humidity, there’s a high chance that’s the reason why your carpet has ripples.

Additional moisture within the carpet causes the fibers to expand and contract frequently. It diminishes the quality. When it stretches and swells throughout the year, ripples are bound to rise.

Over-Wetting the Surface

Since excessive moisture can develop ripples, adding too much water during steam cleanings can also affect the carpet’s integrity.

Many homeowners rent steam vacuums so they can deep clean their carpets on their own. The problem with this DIY process is that many homeowners conduct the cleaning improperly. They leave too much moisture within the carpeting. When you fail to entirely dry the surface, ripples will eventually occur.

Moving Heavy Items

Perhaps you decide to rearrange the living room or bedroom furniture. Instead of lifting the items into the air, you drag the furniture across the carpet.

When sliders aren’t on the base of heavy furniture, moving them will cause ripples. It compromises the carpet’s integrity and forces the material to squish together.

Poor-Quality Carpeting

Saving money and installing a lower-quality carpet means the carpet is more likely to succumb to ripples or buckling. Sometimes, buckling occurs very quickly after installation. The fibers are more sensitive and cannot withstand pressure.

Improper Installation

Perhaps the ripples aren’t your fault after all. A common carpet mistake occurs when companies improperly install the carpets. Sometimes, companies will choose the wrong underlayment or fail to seam pieces of carpeting together. Carpets need to acclimate to homes before installation. It’s rare for installation companies to make mistakes, but it is a possibility.

How To Fix Carpet Ripples?

Once you diagnose the causes of your home’s rippled carpeting, you can discover how to fix them!

Use Cooling Devices for Humid Homes

Air conditioners and dehumidifiers are the two best solutions for managing a humid home. The cool air will minimize the amount of moisture lingering throughout the house. In return, these resources can decrease the moisture resting within the carpet.

Use Sliders When Moving Heavy Furniture

New furniture comes, and old furniture leaves. Dragging heavy furniture is a common mistake carpet owners make. Always use sliders when you cannot lift bulky pieces of furniture. It will prolong the carpet’s life and prevent the appearance of ripples.

Contact a Carpet Company for a Repair

Another alternative is to contact the carpet company to repair the ripples. They can stretch the fibers back to their original status and replace the underlayment.

If there are too many catastrophic ripples, perhaps it’s easier to replace the carpet instead. There are a couple of things to keep in mind during the process. First, choose a higher-quality carpet material. It will diminish the risk of easily rippling in the future because the material is more durable.

Next, it’s essential to know why you need carpet padding because then you can choose the correct one for your home. Low-quality padding is more likely to buckle under pressure. Instead of risking inadequate products or improper installation, you can rest assured you’re making the correct decisions to install the carpet properly this time around.

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