7 Car Tools Everyone Should Have in Their Garage

Not every vehicle malfunction requires a mechanic. If you know the ins and outs of cars, you’re more than likely capable of conducting repairs on your own. You never know when something may break, wear down, or simply need a quick inspection before the next drive.

Read more about seven car tools everyone should have in their garage for easy vehicle maintenance.

Wrench and Socket Set

Finding a wrench and socket set is the best way to have a variety of tools available for various repairs. The most common wrench sizes are ¼-inch, ⅜-inch, and ½-inch. For sockets, the two necessary sizes are ⅜-inch and ½-inch sockets.

OBD Car Code Scanner

The pesky check engine light appears on your car. You must get to the source of the issue, but how can you decipher what the light means?

An OBD, or on-board computer diagnostic system, scanner can run the code the vehicle signals and communicate the problem. It’s a handheld tool that plugs into the vehicle and transmits the OBD code.

Air Compressor and Tire Pressure Gauge

On many occasions, your tires leak a little bit of air. Having an air compressor is a helpful tool since you can fill up the tires with air without leaving the house.

Use the tire pressure gauge to check the air level of the tires. Next, you can start adding the air from the compressor. Portable air compressors range from 3 to 6 gallons, while larger ones may reach up to 20 gallons. Regardless of the size, choose a style that can comfortably fit in the garage and works effectively.

Floor Jack

Perhaps a problem occurs beneath the vehicle. You can’t get a good look when the car is on the ground. A floor jack is one of the most helpful car tools everyone should have in their garage.

Floor jacks allow you to lift a section of the vehicle using a hand lever. It’s ideal for those with minimal to high levels of mechanical experience.

Jack Stands

You can’t use a floor jack without having jack stands to support the weight of the vehicle. Once the car is in the air, it needs additional security. Jack stands help hold the bulk of the car’s weight to protect it and you as you work. It creates a secure and balanced space that ensures your safety while you work on the vehicle.

Shop Vacuum

Vehicle repairs can make a mess. Once you finish the work, it’s time to clean up the garage and the vehicle.

Shop vacuums are helpful tools that are quick fixes to big garage messes. They can suck up non-flammable liquids and other dry materials easily.

Longneck Funnel

Some days, your transmission fluid is low and needs additional fluid. It’s always necessary to conduct important transmission maintenance. Longneck funnels help a portion of this process.

Longneck funnels are great for changing the oil, filling the radiator fluid, and topping off transmission fluid. At first glance, they may seem insignificant, but they’re small tools that make a large difference when conducting car maintenance at home.

Car repairs are easy when you keep all the tools at home in the garage! They’re important resources that everyone should have for the unpredictable car complications that may arise.

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