Heat Styling Tips and Techniques for Hairstylists

Heat styling provides people with many types of hairstyles to explore, from tight curls and sharp straight hair to soft waves and ’90s crimps. It holds curls longer, keeps frizz down, and creates natural, professional hairdos that your clients can enjoy days after their appointments. Offering heat styling services at your salon provides your business and customers with many benefits. Here are three heat styling tips and techniques to keep in mind as a hairstylist for maximized results.

Analyze Hair Type

Hair types fall under two general categories: fine and thick hair. The latter provides more durability against heat. Fine hair, on the other hand, is more susceptible to breakage and heat damage. Analyzing your client’s hair before working with hot tools helps you decipher the best temperature to set your styling devices on and affects different result aspects.

Fine hair takes less effort to style as the strands get easily manipulated under heat. They also hold styled looks longer. Thick hair requires and handles more heat to create a more poignant curl or smoother straightened hair. It also releases and relaxes hairstyles faster as the strands easily bounce back to their natural state.

Working with thin hair means setting your tools on lower temperatures and taking more care with a heat protectant. Styling thicker hair gives you more temperature flexibility but also benefits from additional styling products to keep the styled hair in place.

Apply Heat Protectant

No matter the hair type, use a heat protectant before going in with a hot tool. Although thick hair is more durable than fine hair, it is still sensitive to heat, especially after frequent styling. Heat breaks down hair strands to make them more malleable and easier to conform to different styled looks. Heat protectants cover hair strands in a protective layer that minimizes damage while still allowing the hair to take on a new shape.

Invest in Quality Styling Tools

Styling tools come in many forms, from wands to straighteners and hair dryers. Curling barrels and straightener plates come in a range of sizes. There are also different types of hooded dryers. Some styling tools come with automated mechanics, while others require you to twist or move them around. There are lots of hot styling tools to explore.

Settling for a cheap tool increases many risks on top of poor results, including more heat damage and burn hazards. Investing in a quality styling tool with multiple beneficial features, like adjustable thermostat controls, detachable and attachable parts, and easy-to-use features enhances your styling process. A better-quality styling device also guarantees better results.

Your clients put a lot of trust in you with their hair—hair is a huge factor in many people’s identities. Although using hot tools provides many benefits, from longer-lasting hairdos to more distinct styling transformations, it also comes with risks. It wears and tears people’s strands. Keeping these three heat styling tips and techniques in mind makes sure you keep your clients’ hair healthy and safe. It allows you to gift them the joys of heat-styled hair. Transform people’s hair with the magic of heat styling and explore the multiple different possible looks it creates.

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